Black Fox

Black fox

Master Shadow: Dox
Former Master Shadow: Sado, the Black.
Shadow-at-Arms: Dugal

Known Members:

Zeke – Goblin Infiltrator


The Black Fox was once a very powerful and far spreading organization, operating in my cities, towns and villages through the land of Amerys under the careful leadership of Sado, the Black. However, Sado, was as corrupt as the officials that he bribed to maintain control of the black-markets through the region. After an unknown length of time, a mutiny occurred under the leadership of Dox and Dugal who managed to successfully overthrow the leadership of Sado. With the fall of Sado, the organization fell from much of it’s former though mostly unknown glory and while Dox has been attempting to raise it up again, he has become a hard fought battle of wits against many of those that Sado had been paying off for years.

Information Updated:

The Black Fox has greatly prospered with Dugal’s interventions. Smuggling between the Underdark and the Surface world is something interesting. New goods and services are available, even a few drow assassins are willing to take work, though, it seems like Dox is trying his hand more with diplomacy rather than a knife in the back.

Black Fox

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