Session 57

The group continues to assault the Twicesworn headquarters. The rest of the party catches up via hidden magical doors that the Twicesworn appear to control and lead them directly and quickly to the headquarters. Flaggon discussed briefly with Rue as to the trustworthiness of her companions and seems to be willing to bet the last of her guild in the idea that she could reclaim it.

Dugal and Moss continue to press their advantage, particularly as Moss in his mighty dragon form attacks and clears out several more men and panics the rest of them as they flee in terror. Believing that a blue dragon is protecting the island. Dugal picks his hand through “One” and only seems to get pricked by something, though no wound is found. Dugal finds nothing other than the amulet on the body. He slips off as Moss continues.

The rest of the party enter after the group. Flaggon informs them about known prisoners in the cells below and that they’ll work to free them while the group clears some more. RE sends out a few elementals in an effort to gather information. They come back telling of a few mooks in the prison cells and the prisoners. Flaggon then moves on. RE is then informed of an Iron Golem making its way to the group. Moss hears the thunderous footsteps on the floor above them.

The Golem turns and makes his way to them as they finish buffing up. Apata takes a look around as the golem enters the bottom stair and spots an oddity of a clear line of invisible creature standing at the halfway point on the stairwell. She fires an arrow and shatters it in what looks to be glass shards. The rest of the party fight against the golem.

Dugal had snuck around and found a secret room in the side room of Flaggon’s office. Letters and letters are written, the most recent still showing signs of recent penmanship, the ink well being wet and the candle still aflame. The note seems to read that “One” has gained full sentience and control and understanding of what and who he is. He has renamed him as “Alpha”. He seems to have a counter goal to Rilas as well, seeking to find the mythlar not for Rilas but to complete him and make him “real”. A few other points are noted about the wands being used. If used by a false creation like a simuclrum or replicate, it can be used to persist a temporarily generated one.

As the others battle and later take down, Dugal makes his way off and scouts ahead. He successfully sneaked into a chamber that he heard voices coming from and peers around to see what he would expect to be the real “One” now, Alpha. Who, in turn, looks to Dugal with a devilish predatory grin and surprising Dugal as words slither from his mouth, “Kill them. Kill them all.” Dugal stumbles for a moment as something else seems to come over him and he bends a knee to Alpha and then departs hiding in the corner or the room knowing the patterns that the party uses to search.

He waited first for Rue as she entered and was scanning with Detect Evil, slipping up behind her giving a short shove of the door before slipping the dagger deep under her plate armor. Rue broadcasts an attack in the room via the Helm of Telepathy but Dugal has the advantage still and will be able to strike again before she can twist around.


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