Session 54

The group starts up again as they are teleported by Nayin Lem onto Casacara. However, much of the situation has changed. What was once a prosperous independent nation has been turned on its head. The Twicesworn are hunted and nearly no one makes their way onto the streets except those in a swift hurry.

They spy gallows of hanged Twicesworn and even encounter the guards as they attack a man and later his family for being a Twicesworn. The scene is very grim in what has only been about two weeks of time something has drastically changed the enviroment.

Dugal skips off to get a feel of everything and later find out some information. Apata steps through trees to find the great oak tree that she had been at last on Casacara and where she was blessed by Elhonna. Moss tags along a little later with Dugal, while Rue and RE try to find out some more information about the scene they just witnessed.

They are able to gather the following:

The Twicesworn departed with many men in tow with a man named Darathas, this appeared to weaken the Twicesworn more than they had expected to be countered by. A group known as the Half Moon Marauders took over with the head of the organization being a man named Turkquil and a unknown accomplice named Gaulch.

The guards all look damn near identical and with their own mind, though given directive. They all fight very well as witnessed by the encounter with the Twicesworn and they do not bleed. Apata with True Seeing sees them as an invisible outline that is constantly covered with water as it dripping off of them.

It has only been a short while, but some rogue resistance has been established by both the remaining Twicesworn and the Black Fox, who are both attempting to take out the Half-Moon Marauders, if they can.

Zeke provides them with some key information about how to find the Honorable Knight, Flaggon. Additionally, he provisions them with several clockwork bombs and the locate to a weapon-store owned by the Half-Moon. As the party was seeking a distraction to get into the HQ and eliminate Turkquil and Gaulch. He tells them that if they bargain more with the Twicesworn, they’ll have a united front and a ample distraction and the Twicesworn will own the Black Fox a debt, which can be used later.

Zeke additionally believes that with the bombs and the ensuing fight that enough of the marauders could be dealt with that the Twicesworn and Black Fox could take over if the party is able to succeed.

The session ends as the party is attempting to interrogate a barkeep. Rue suspects that the barkeep knows how to get in contact with the Twicesworn and after fielding a Detect Thoughts against him, either is selling out his companions for gold or something far worse.

Dugal had been following one of the men that the barkeep passed a note to. The man had turned a corner and all but virtually disappeared. Then realizing it was a trap, narrowly avoids the rope net which is quickly pulled up, but Dugal decides to climb up anyway and is shortly addressed by 8 men aiming large crossbows at him and a voice calls out, “Ah, please, Mr. Dugal, have a seat.”


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