Session 51

An old friend to some perhaps, Nayin Lem, locates them in Sigil. She invites them to her residence here in Sigil. To rest, relax and discuss.

She is seeking their help and apologizes if she is interrupting but there has been much bad news. The Kingdom of Erenon has fallen. Magic has completely disappeared from the area. All of the floating islands have fallen. The new technology, which she understands as a metaphysical manifestation of magic and technology has reverted into nothing but useless scraps of metal. Worse yet, those that survived this disaster, are simply immune to magic. Even the gods are noted to be unable to affect them. Those that were channeling divine magics now only have the physical prowess by which to defend themselves.

She then proceeds to spin yet another tale regarding the artifact known as the mythlar.

She knows that the mythlar is even before the time of Ashdor. Though, it was a secret beyond secrets as the elder mages had crafted them in the beginning. A council of five mages created the mythlar. They were attempting to become gods and wanted to craft a world that would suit them. The world both needed magic to exist and produced the magic that mages would wield to generate. A perfect, perpetual machine. Five were created and bonded.

However, it did not go as planned. Sammaster, considered the most powerful mage of the Five, split the bond after his encounter with something from the great beyond. She claims that very little to no information is known on what Sammaster encountered, but it is known that shortly after, his fall would occur and it was the same year in which Ashdor was recruited by him. She surmises that perhaps Ashdor is far greater than it appears, but otherwise she has no proof. Sammaster disappeared a short time later. It is believed that he killed himself. His body was found, but she isn’t certain of the fact.

The last of the Five mages was a man named Iranez. The perceived weakest of the Five, but noted as the most cunning. She mentions him, because of all of the other Five, he is the only one most left unaccounted for in lore.

I have found an old journal of Iranez and through some course of magics I have been able to source him and I believe I understand your mission now. I detected him as two remaining sources. Spread out across the globe. I had detected three, but it disappeared during the crash of Erenon.

One of the sources are located in the capital city of Isteroth, Orius. It is incredibly complex the auras I obtained when I scry’d upon the one identified as Salan Roka. He, at the core, detects as magical, additionally, from my affinities granted by Wee-Jas, he detects as both living and dead. Simply put, he contains a soul, though my theory is that it is not his own. It is noted that she is highly interested in learning how Salan is, whatever he is as she claims that there are no known magic capable to doing what she suspects has been done to him.

The second, was impossible to source directly, but my abilities told me that he is connected to this Salan Roka and it would be possible to link up with is mind and from there it could be sourced.

She would go on to explain her perspective and the player’s left a lot to her imagination as they simply didn’t fill her in on much of what they knew. Other than a few odd tidbits here and there.

The remainder of the session was spent building a diagram showing the many intricacies and onion layers of the story as it currently stands.


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