Session 46

Devil at the crossroads

The session resumes as the party meets the sacred Oak tree just outside town.

The party compares some notes while Apata is brief on her new mission.


The dragon orbs are pieces of the mythlar and are used to wield control over the other mythlar. A singular orb is all that is necessary to gain the access to the magic contained within them and they would be more than powerful enough to raise Ashdor, if one can wield the power.

The bow, itself, was used by Ehlonna to slay a ancient green wyrm that plagued Valcia from the time before the ‘Great Severance’.

The rest of them press advantage as they continue to wonder why everyone is acting so strangely and Dugal is curious about his guildhall and Dox and what occurred that night. As well, Rue is curious about the benefactors operating behind the Honorable Knight Flaggon and why her attitude seems to have rapidly changed overnight.

They sneak into the city under disguises and RE, for once, knows a guy instead of Dugal. The halfling Niar. He find the little cut-purse stealing coin in the market and is crafty enough to set himself up as a target and then grab his attention.

Niar and the rest go into a alley off the side to talk. He is noted as being able to tell who all of them are. Including Moss, who appears as a half-elf currently and Dugal hiding behind a disguise and some magical effects. He tells them after selling the information for a hundred coins that a purple skinned creature is plaguing the house of the head of the merchant guild. His name is Roderick. A name to which is known by Dugal as he had a brief encounter with the man by his guildhall.

They stake out his home and realize that go in through the front door isn’t smart as there are numerous guards in the Merchant District and it would make too much noise. They instead decide to sneak in through the sewers and are able to find a tunnel though magically trapped they are able to trigger it and avoid it by crafting their own tunnel.

Afterwards of hearing the cries of a man in torture, who they later identify as the privateer and member of the Twicesworn, Kimran. They break into the chamber and swiftly engage him, though he never pays them much attention as he continues to torture the man, the image of a mindflayer before him which Apata is able to spot as Rue casts ‘True Seeing’ on her and then spotting a large man in matte black armor and a greatsword standing in the doorway behind them and invisible as if only watching…


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