Session 39

There were too many jokes to choose just one

After a bit of a hiatus, we finally were able to gather the party together for another session and adventure though it was more like we simply needed together once before we actually would be able to play again.

The session mostly was about discussing possible ways to get onto the Isle of the Black Lighthouse due to cannibals that resided on the isle. Apata was able to recon the area some with her hawk, which was magically altered when he returned looking like the worse possible nightmare for Apata, but to several others, didn’t appear any different. Someone is playing with them.

She learns that there are many people on the island, and of a strange half-spider, half-lizardfolk creature on the isle as well. Saddler also informs them about a man named Galen, a fallen paladin that rules over the isle. He also relays information about a cult on the isle from what information he is able to gather.

As they waited nearby the isle, they were assaulted by two fighters, though the party was able to quickly dispatch them after encountering them. They were barely dressed for battle in no armor and only two weapons a crossbow and a sword. They believe that they may have killed slaves, cannibal food or perhaps some bad guys, but simply are not entirely sure.

After some further discussion, they decide the best course would be different from their usual course of action after being attacked and would use some mixture of magic and magical items to swim ashore.

The session ends as they dive off the boat and into the chilling waters.


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