Salan Roka

Salan roka

Salan Roka was born nearly two millennium ago in the lands now known as Amerys. It was a once powerful nation that ruled most of the Western world and had begun to reach its hands into Kingdom of Isteroth, though their dragon shamans and duskblades were quite capable of holding back the armies, but the powerful Empire just seemed to summon men from the dirt to fight them.

Salan was a powerful general at the time and was the masterminds behind one of the most powerful sieges against the Kingdom of Isteroth. He blind sided the King’s generals, by creating the first ruse. It was of a armada of empty ships sailing in to provide reinforcements to the invasion. However, with the ruse, he was able to cloak his armies against the eyes of the enemies and laid hidden nearby. With news of a wave of reinforcements, the King sent his army out to fight on the coast rather than allowing the men to fight against his walls. When the army had departed the high walls, Salan moved his men into position and surrounded the army and attacked. He quickly wiped most of the army away in a sea of blood.

During this fight, however, Salan suffered a nearly fatal wound and required many months of upkeep. During his recovery, a powerful cleric came to Salan and offered near-immortality in exchange for eternal service to the God of Tyranny, Hextor. In his weakened state, Salan accepted the offer and he was put to rest by the cleric until his service would be needed again.

Information Updated:

You learn that all may not correct from the legends of lore as informed to you by the Wizard Amerys. Salan lived only a thousand years ago and is the rightful king of Isteroth. He tells you that Salan betrayed his word and Amerys defeated him and then cursed the kingdom of Isteroth. He hasn’t yet told you why or what was betrayed. Lastly, he tells you that to reverse the effects of the curse, that Salan must seek atonement for his sins and his betrayal, until such a time, Isteroth will never have him as a king again.

Salan Roka

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