Rorvix Ironblood


Son of Lord Rilas and Lord of the Blackvine Keep.
Cleric and follower of Heironius.

He was trained by many monks and scholars who left a profound impression upon the young lad. Many say that he is wise beyond his own years, though no one is quite sure how. He took the seat of lord at age 15 when his father died in a large fire within the keep. Rumors don’t know how the fires started, though some say it was an act of an evil curse upon the keep.

Information Updated:

Rorvix’s mind was finally unlocked by Alaren after many years. The players were even able to contribute during the the circle magic that Brae was able to bridge them to help enpower the effect.

The reveals were powerful.

The first was when Rorvix was much younger, and stumbled into a meeting with Lord Rilas and several other men. He tells Iranez that the men were discussing ways to restore the wizard king to his throne and made promises to teach Rilas in the ways of the Wizards of the Red Court and make him infinitely more powerful that he could even imagine. When Rorvix was discovered, Rilas brought him into the chamber and removed the memory of him being in the meeting. It appears that this memory occurred just a year prior to the ‘accident’ at Blackvine Keep.

The second was a bit heart breaking. It appears that Rorvix and Daraz were involved. This secret was not known by Rilas when taking on the appearance of Daraz. When the attack in the siege occurred, Rorvix went to challenge him after following him into the crypts only to see his father getting ready to destroy the remaining ‘statues’. The interruption nearly costs Rorvix his life and his father stuffed him into a crypt and seems to have suspended his depart into the afterlife until he could deal with it further. However, the party seems to have put a stop to that. As to why Rilas raised the undead army to rout the siege is unknown though one would guess it would be to stop Salan from getting the bodies of the statues. It seems that Rilas does love his son though it is obviously a very complicated relationship.

Rorvix Ironblood

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