Order of the Sol Sanctum

Sol sanctum

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The leader of the council and of the Order of the Sol Sanctum is an Marut named Lusik. Lusik appears a large 11’ foot tall human appearing, though he very much moves like a machine, though does have a bit of finesse in a fight.

He has existed since Ashdor became a lich and greatly assisted Amerys in his defeat. He continued to ensure the destruction of the Ashdor Empire once the lich was finally killed and after a century decided it would be best to put his abilities to ensuring that it would never happen again and established the Order of the Sol Sanctum with the help of an ally named Lord Tidaul Songseer. Tidual passed after nearly 500 years after establishing the order and the inevitable still persists carrying on the duties of his beloved friend.

Information Learned:

  • ancient order of Pelor, assisted him in his divination.
  • continued protectors from all that is evil and dark
  • believed to have been lost in the wars against the current Amerys Empire
  • previous name of Freelands of Amerys was known as the: Ashdor Empire
  • named after the the lich-king: Ashdor, the Undying King
  • a journal entry encountering a lone priest of the Order. Believes that they still operate heavily throughout Valcia
  • they move about a bit more subtly than before, instead involving themselves in kingdom politics to ensure that no kingdom is powerful enough to waken ancient magics hidden throughout the lands
  • small reference to a headquarters that is hidden away, tucked tightly between both the light and the dark

Order of the Sol Sanctum

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