Nayin Lem


She appears to be that of a younger woman but with slow signs of aging that have her appear to be mid-way through life. She is dressed in a gray and black robe, adorned with gold earrings and jewelry. Once she removes the hood, she has firey red hair, and she is of average height and fair skin. She seems to be quite beautiful though not enough that would draw a lot of attention.

She lives alone in a black tower in the Mirewood Forest about a day’s ride north of the Mirewood Forest Fort. She spends much of her time reading over history books about the local area, specifically information regarding the Ashdor Empire and the war three centuries ago.

Her Tower:

Tower Levels: 4+Roof

  • Level 1, Main Lobby, small fireplace, rugs and cushions, battle rack is near the door as well.
  • Level 2, Library, meager but interesting articles regarding death magics and burial along with other religious texts. More current books regard history of Amerys and the Ashdor Empire
  • Level 3, Boarding, 10 beds, five to a room, are fitted around the room with chests at the foot of each bed.
  • Level 4, Nayin’s Chambers, a large bed with three large chests
  • Roof, the tower has a flat roof that can see over much of the forest, though it is forest in all directions. It is angled so that it is easily defensible by spellcasting while making it difficult to hit the caster.

Nayin Lem

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