Character Sheet – Moss Character Sheet – Brock, the Badger

His Life Story

Barlo Sylvanuslaw Lindenbrooke the IV was born into a wealthy merchant family who did business in many cities, in many kingdoms, throughout the realm. For reasons that Barlo has never completely figured out, his father was blackmailed by a rival merchant with the help of a disgruntled seller and a crooked accountant.

Late one summer night when Barlo was 7 years old, thugs hired by the accountant burst into Barlo’s house and killed his father and mother before moving upstairs to kill him and his little sister. They found his sister first, hiding in her room. The last thing that Barlo remembers before escaping through his room’s second story window to the alley below, was hearing his sister, crying… and then a sudden silence. He’s never forgiven himself for not trying to save her, but had he tried, his life surly would have been forfeit.

Barlo took to the alleyways and escaped the city before the men could find him. He stayed to the main road leading to the next city, and before long he was picked up by a caravan. Unfortunately, the caravan was full of slavers, and Barlo was added to their inventory. Eventually he sold to a grizzled old human for a paltry sum.

Ziv Shenkle was a clock maker and a tinkerer, and because of Barlo’s small fingers and deft hands, he was forced by Ziv to help him repair clocks. In addition to clocks, Ziv also created other mechanical devices, including instruments of torture, which he sometimes tested on Barlo. You see, aside from being a clock maker and a tinkerer, Ziv was also quite mad. Barlo lived in squalid conditions as Ziv’s slave. Given very little food, Barlo became accustomed to eating the bugs and spiders that had the misfortune to wander into his small room. Barlo was beaten regularly for the smallest infractions, and was rarely allowed to speak.

After two years of being Ziv’s slave, Barlo was finally able to escape when he pushed his owner into the gears of a giant mechanical portcullis that he was working on. Since Barlo had never tried to escape before, and had always been an obediant slave, Ziv never saw his demise coming. A quick shove from behind was all it took for Barlo to earn his freedom. A quick shove and two years of waiting.

Once Ziv was dead, Barlo fled into the forest close to the town where he was working with Ziv, a forest known by the locals as the Mirewood Forest, which lies at the base of the Leranos Mountains.

Afraid of being caught again by slavers, Barlo stayed away from the roads this time as he trekked deeper and deeper into the forest. He wandered the woods for five days, frightened and starving. On the morning of the sixth day Barlo awoke to see a strange figure standing over him.

A druid by the name of Ruutu had been following him for some time. Reluctant to intervene in what he saw as a natural process, yet still curious as to the final fate of the halfling child, Ruutu watched Barlo from a distance. On the fifth night Ruutu had a vision (a vision he never discussed with Barlo) which convinced him to step in and save the young halfling.

Ruutu’s vision guided him not only to save Barlo, but to train him to be a druid. Barlo eventually adopted the name Moss, in honor of where Ruutu found him sleeping, and where he started on his path to being a druid. Moss has studied with Ruutu for 11 years and just recently was deemed ready to go out on his own.

Moss is very distrustful and resentful of civilized society, especially machinery and complicated laws/economics such as contracts, banking, etc. as he blames it for all the strife he has suffered. When asked directly how he feels, he is unafraid to express his distaste for civilization. “It is a blight upon the land and the natural world will rejoice when it’s gone.”

Secretly he strives to become powerful enough to begin working to turn back the tide of ‘civilized’ races who push deeper and deeper into the forests. He believes that everyone should reject technology and civilization and return to more primitive ways that are closer to nature. There’s a chance that, in the distant future, he could become quite zealous in his quest to return the world to what he views as simpler path. This sentiment, the rejection of civilization, is one that Ruutu shared, though not nearly as fervently.

Although they also agree with him on a fundamental level, a couple of higher ranking druids within the Druidic Council have begun voicing concerns that Moss is a becoming too radical, and that if he talked more, and was a bit more charismatic, that his ideas could possibly stir others into action and cause factions to emerge within the druidic community.

There is real concern is that Moss is following a path predicted by one wise druid known for being somewhat prophetic. This wise druid suggested that Ruutu should have let the halfling die in the woods, and that by not doing so Ruutu has set in motion a series of events that could prove to be quite disastrous. Ruutu however, continues to trust his original vision and is steadfast in defending his choice to save Moss.

Being the neutral types that they are, and trusting in nature’s ability to remain balanced, the Druidic Council largely ignores Moss. “If a problem arises, it will be dealt with.”

Ruutu: “I know you see the coming storm. The black clouds forming on the horizon. The lands of the civilized races, growing and growing, threatening to consume The Green, leaving no wild lands untouched. And you wish to stop it. You know your enemy, and yet, you don’t KNOW your enemy.

If you really wish to combat that which threatens what we hold sacred, you must first KNOW it. I’ve seen you stalk prey for days on end, sometimes weeks. Two summers ago, those bugbears who came into the Western Darkwoods scouting for locations to build a stronghold, you followed and watched them for 17 days before you made a move. You learned their habits. Their strengths. Their weaknesses. And when you learned all that you could, you struck, and they perished before they knew what hit them.

It’s time to learn, Moss. If you plan on fighting back against what the city dwellers call “progress”, then you must learn all that you can about it. You must go and travel amongst them, learn their ways. Forget not The Green, though, for if you do your powers will suffer.

No, do not fight me on this! You must go…

You’ve been with me for a long time, Moss. You were very young when you left your old life behind. Time can distort things. I know that you love The Green and want to protect the untamed lands from the orderliness of cities and towns. But you must ask yourself, what really makes you hate civilized life so much? Is it the threat it poses to The Green… or is it your past?

It’s time to learn, Moss, about your enemy, and about yourself. These are lessons that I cannot teach you, you must learn them on your own. You’re an able druid, fearless in battle and wise beyond your years. You have a great friend in Brock, and a true connection to The Green. You will not fail, Moss.

In the morning, I will go. But I will return here every year, on the Midsummer’s Eve, should you need my council. For now though, let’s enjoy our tea and I will tell you about the time when…"


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