List of NPCs


  • Gideon – patron and mayor of Norfall. He has greatly assisted the characters in various quests early on and used them to establish and clear trade routes for Norfall.
  • Forwick – local wizard in Norfall, runs a small trading shop.
  • Mindim – local caravan leader and merchant
  • Senra – local cleric and head of defense for Norfall


  • Dox – head of local thieves guild, connected to Dugal
  • Zeke


  • Aza – head of wealthy magic shop, apprentice to Forwick though fled after stealing some goods.

Blackvine Keep

Order of the Sol Sanctum

Mirewood Forest Fort

  • Nayin Lem – worshipper of Wee Jas, resides in the forest in a black tower north of the fort




List of NPCs

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