Kingdom of Theikon

Kingdom of theikon

The Kingdom of Theikon is believed to be the oldest kingdom in existence. It is believed to have been unified and stablized in the first millenium and has been working well for the elves well into what they referred to as the Fifth Era. The Kingdom is Theikon is ruled by the Principal Seven, which are some of the oldest known elves in the world. Some are rumored to be more than twelve centuries old.

The Kingdom of Theikon is primarily self-sufficient and as a result have become quite isolated and are often behind in the more popular events of the world. However, they have monasteries throughout much of the known world that pass major knowledge back to the Kingdom for detailing the history of the world as it progresses.

This doesn’t mean that the elves are pacifists though and have been recorded to hold vast legions of armies that are highly trained and capable. They do not, however, go looking for the fight and are much more defensive based than being the aggressor. Some suspect this is why they have lasted for so long as a kingdom. The technology that the elves posses seems to often be a reflect of the research made by their military.

Theikon is most known for the loremasters and have the only known books that detail of the world’s history and how it came to be. Major libraries exist in all major cities with the monasteries filling in the gaps. Provided one has the time, which the elves do, requests can be fullfilled to locate information about most interests.

Major Cities

Kingdom of Theikon

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