Kingdom of Erenon

Kingdom of erenon

The kingdom of Erenon is known as the only true dual-kingdom that has ever existed peacefully. Erenon is known as the second oldest kingdom as well. Erenon is a kingdom split by the dwarves and the gnomes though equally enjoyed by the halfling tribes the exist through the vast forest regions. The kingdom is the result of a dwarf and gnome marriage many centuries ago and it united the two races which have been working together ever since.

Most of Valcia’s metals are mined from the lands of Erenon. The dwarven mining operations are very much assisted by the gnome technology that they are able to make. Stories about giant diamond tipped drills that break through stone and earth, drilling into the heart of the known world exist a plenty. Greater legends of the vast wealth that is enjoyed as a result of the major trade of metals along with the other mining operation, gem extraction. Though this can be easily confirmed by visiting one of the major cities in the world and witnessing all of the monumental structures and design.

The kingdom is heavily dedicated to Moradin, who is rumored to enjoy visiting the city of Veir from time to time as new structures and temples are built. Though Garl Glittergold has many temples throughout the lands where gem-mining is more previlant.

Major Cities

Kingdom of Erenon

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