King Galen

King galen

King Galen ruled over the Freelands of Amerys for the last half century. He has ruled with care for his kingdom and has grown it from its good foundations that his father before him laid and as a result the Kingdom has greatly prospered with increased trades, farming, building, art and music. King Galen loved his bards and would often have lavish parties that anyone was invited to just so he would have someone else to enjoy the music.

King Galen was also believed to be a Champion of Heironius. Once a paladin and even an adventurer of sorts for a short time. Though he had little use of his sword, hammer and shield as it was greatly an era of peace, he would often times don the armor and use it while hunting just to make sure he was at best.

King Galen had only one wife that brought in his son, Hesper to this world. However, the love was short lived as she died during child birth. Though Galen never blamed his son, he would often have fits of rage in which he did. However, Hesper was still greatly loved and taught by the king’s best men.

Not much is known about the events surrounding his sickness and death. Some rumors suspect Hesper of the crime, however, with the current events going on, no one is really going to attempt to challenge him for the crime.

King Galen

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