Empathic Link

Since everyone has brought up the familiar, Empathic Link and such several times. I feel I should explain how it will work in my game. I believe that the connection is deeper than just emotional. That it is a magically created link and therefore more powerful than someone with Handle Animal and has trained the creature as a pet. While you can’t readily see out of the creatures eyes, you can get feelings and at level 5, you are able to communicate with your familiar. Therefore, I believe it is possible to get general counts and descriptions of enemies. Once an description has been confirmed, the creature will then report it as such. If an unusual creatue or object is spotted, then it will only be able to provide a description and you must investigate or roll a Knowledge (applicable) check to determine what it is or might be.

IE, Apata’s hawk spots a red flying lizard, size medium. Once you confirm that it is a wyrmling, if it spots another red flying lizard, it will communicate that it spotted a red wyrmling. However, If it spots a blue one, it might say that it is a blue flying lizard instead of assuming that it is a blue wyrmling until again it has been confirmed. As adult and young adult dragons are the same size, it will report a dragon of large size and color of the dragon, but as it is unable to tell the age, it won’t be able to report that.

Skill Checks and Critical Rolls

When rolling a natural 20 on a skill check, the roll will be treated a 30 as the starting point, then bonuses added.
When rolling a natural 1 on a skill check, the roll will be treated as a -10 as the starting point, then bonuses added.

If the roll is a natural 1 on an untrained skill, this could provide a level of problems to “royally screw something up”. If the natural 1 is in a trained skill, you simply failed as normal.


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