Son of Galen, King of the Amerys Empire.

Hesper was born in the late rule of King Galen and his mother died during his birth. However, he fought hard to claim his place in the world and was able to successfully do so by being very good with coin.

Hesper was instructed by the clerics at a young age, then merchants and mercenaries at older age and finally the sages at the end of his youth. This well-rounded education has made Hesper incredibly intelligent, cunning and rich. His abilities quickly surpassed his instructors and the King seeing no end, brought in better teachers or more.

Hesper since has gained the throne of the Freelands of Amerys since his father’s death. While the country is democratically controlled, they have yet to hold a new election to determine if Hesper will be the new ruler, however, he has chosen for them taking it by force. His fortunes have hired powerful mercenaries from the East and have captured, killed or banished those that opposed his ‘lawful and just’ takeover. However, there are still many that oppose him and he is not yet fully seated in the throne just yet.

There are small rumors about a resistance of some kind but it is faint and perhaps just a lure by Hesper to figure out the traitors and eliminate them.

Information Updated:

The players have learned that Tevin, RE’s father, was right about the Prince. They have successfully retrieved him from the Church of Lolth in the Underdark.

The players were able to topple Three and return Hesper to the throne after he was properly elected as the next King of Amerys.


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