Dugal grew up in the city of Foxworth where he was raised by is single mother Beth. Beth was a poor servant to the local monarch. Dugal was a good boy growing but the older he got the more he saw how much his mother worked and sacrificed to make his life a little bit better. When he turned ten his mother got very sick. He started stealing from local merchants to help raise money for his mothers medicine. After a year of doing this he started to become very good at stealing but sadly his mothers condition did not improve. Dugal did happen to catch the eye of a local thief named Dox. One day Dox approached Dugal and offered him a chance to become part of the thief guild known as the Black Fox. Dugal took up the challenge thinking it would give him an opportunity to raise more money for his mother. Dox gave Dugal three test to see if he was Black Fox material. Each one pushed Dugal to his limits but Dox could see his potential. Dox got approved to be a Black Fox and took him on as an apprentice.

The years went by and Dugal skills got stronger. So much so that Dox and Dugal lead a coup against the corrupt leader of the Black Fox, Sado. After Sado was defeated, Dox became the new head of the Black Fox and appointed Dugal as his second. Over the next couple of years Dugal’s mother faded away but Dugal’s family grew and so did his reputation. His ability to infiltrate any where undetected earns him the title of Shadow.

Dugal growing into his own decides that it is time for him to go out and find his own way. Dox respects Dugal’s decision and tells him that he will always be a Black Fox. In Dugal’s journeys he makes several friends. Such as Agro the dwarven black smith where Dugal goes to rest and repair his equipment and Torgrim the Wise who is an old wizard that has abandoned his days as an adventure to sell enchanted objects and bestow knowledge to those who care to listen. Dugal enjoys hearing his stories of lost treasures and gives him a place to sell some of his treasures he finds on his own adventures.

Currently Dugal is traveling with this ragtag group of adventures trying to find riches and knowledge of who his father was.


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