Druid Lands

Druid lands

Above the Leranos Mountains at the edge of the Freelands of Amerys and to the west of the Kingdom of Theikon sits an leaderless land simply know as the “Druid Lands”. There are many sects of druids throughout the vast amount of area and even several non-druidic sects exist in more remote locations. However, the lands have no singular ruler and no common coin as metal is undervalued as a form of currency. It is more often said that the trading of favors are more common. Though few ever leave from the lands of the druids, not because of force, because because they are often found to enjoy the peacefulness of the lands more than the hussle and bussle of the main world.

The only city located in the Druid Lands is Flahrim. It has become a common location for the elves of Theikon and the druids to trade rare goods and acquire knowledge.


Druid Lands

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