Blackvine Keep

Blackvine keep

The Blackvine Keep sits in the southern border along the Great River as it empties into the sea. The Keep has been around for ages and stands solid against the elements and enemies that have attacked it.

It is crafted some a form of dark granite found in the base of mountains and carried by large carts via dwarfs ages ago. Dwarven engineering at its finest. The name exists from a vine that was planted by the first lady of the keep which has now grown over most of the keep itself. Though one would think that it would it easier to scale as a result, many believe that the vine is capable of protecting the keep as many deaths have occurred from those attempting to sneak in.

The current lord of the Blackvine Keep is a Rorvix Ironblood and his second-in-command Commander Daraz.

Information Updated:

The hidden entrance to the Underdark has been sealed.

Blackvine Keep

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