Amerys is the first democratically controlled kingdom in the known world. Named after the powerful mage, Amerys, who was able to destory the tyrant lord from his kingdom nearly a three centuries ago. Peace and prosperity have made way in the lives of the citizens of Amerys. This doesn’t go without saying that war isn’t always a looming threat, but with the sea all around and the tallest mountains to the North, there are few outside armies that would be capable of threating the kingdom.

In the last 10 years, the current ruler, King Galen, has managed to strengthen ties with the Kingdom of Theikon by bring several members of court and his son, Hesper, of the king becoming betrothed to the daughter of the king of Theikon. However, when the Ruler of Amerys became sick last month, his son took up rule until the next vote and has managed to become more powerful than thought possible in Amerys. He has used his family fortunes to land mercenaries in the port city of Port Maverick and has already begun taking full control of the city of Alisar. Holding the daughter of the King of Theikon captive, he has managed to put off an invasion force from them. Three days ago, King Galen has passed.

Map – Freelands of Amerys

Major Cities:

Minor Cities

Forts and Keeps

Information Updated:

It has been seven years now since King Galen has passed. The true son of Galen, Hesper was elected the new King after a several month battle with impostors pretending on the throne of Amerys and bringing it to the brink of destruction with a war against the Kingdom of Theikon. Hesper has since gotten a ceasefire, though he knows it still hinges on finding the Princess of Theikon, Avery.


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