Kingdom of Isteroth


Little information is known about the Kingdom of Isteroth, what is known is that it is a dangerous lands dotted with even more dangerous cities.

The vast sands have let no one ruler ever claim the Kingdom as their own and it is a place where water is more often worth more than gold. It is often referred to as a confederation of many city-states rather than a nation in its own right as a result.

Halflings and desert elves and gnomes make small villages throughout the vast swaths of sand and trade with the many of the major cities. Large bands of tribal reptilian creatures and barbarians are various races lurk in the vast tablelands hunting those foolish enough to camp or be alone for long.

Much legend and lore claims to hail from the area as it is written to be the hot spot for many stories of divine activity. It is written that Isteroth was once the cradle of humanity but was lost when a powerful Mage attempted a coup against the gods and was struck down and the Mage’s lands were cursed to not yield crop until he begged forgiveness. This punishment resulted in the much of Isteroth falling under the curse as the Mage inherited vast amount of land when his father had passed away a few years before. This caused the area to fall from its once grace of the heavens to the vast desert as it now sits. No one knows if the Mage is still alive or if he even cares enough to ask for forgiveness.

Major Cities

Kingdom of Isteroth

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