Session 36
Rue grabs RE's wand, jerking it from his hand.

The game continues from their last session as they have realized that a spellcaster is nearby and starting to mess with them.

Session 35
Where did they go? Oh my god, rhino!

The adventure kicks off with them sleeping in the Temple of Pelor and Dugal hears several dozen men that sound like guards gathering outside.

Session 34
Who knew that druids can turn into ponies?

The session kicks off at the end of the battle with Madras, the Bear Champion.

Session 33
It's a flowchart for evil.

The party finally finishes their conversation with Salan Roka and asks for the following in return:

Session 32
My assassin sense was tingling...

The Orb continues for another moment…

“When the Ancients grew lonely, they wished to have servants to dwell among them, who walked upright and pleased them in shape. So they asked, and she agreed. The ancient ones plucked the beasts from the wild, gave them shape and voice, but their wildness was not tamed and soon they grew wicked and violent and the Ancient Ones casted them out and back into the wilderness. You know them as demons.

So the Ancients again called for new servants into being and commanded them to spread across the face of this world. And these were the Third Children, called Mankind. And mankind served the Ancients in peace and contentment. Mankind knew not death then. Those whose bodies became worn and aged were sent to sleep in the shadow of the world and returned after being restored to health and youth."

A jumble, as Rehiel wakes them. They have been sleeping for hours and she finally decided to wake them as Salan’s man has awoken.

Session 31

The party decides what to do next after defeating Four.

Session 30 - Treasure and Experience

Experience Total: – none -
Treasure: 17,000 gold
Game Time Passed: 2 weeks, 4 days
Total Game Time Passed: 1 month, 5 days

Session 30

As they reappear, they are standing in a vast desert, Darathas is not with them and the Orb is not with them either, while another man who resembles a humanoid with yellow-tan skin, goatlike horns, and a shock of white hair. He floats just above the ground.

Session 29

The players finally decided to put off Xaed’s Keep and to investigate the Dungeon beneath the library to retrieve the books and whatever else is down there.

Session 28 - Treasure and Experience

Experience Total: – none -
Treasure: Amulet of Health +2
Game Time Passed: 2 days
Total Game Time Passed: 2 weeks, 2 days


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