Session 60-62
Coming to an end

Cutting to the core of it….

The players arrive in the deep Underdark. The Mythlar and the Red Dragon perched upon a large pillar platform. Rilas floats in the air, in a seated lotus position talking to the dragon a moment.

The players try a few tricks, talk with the dragon and though far away, they are easily able to speak with it and hear it like it is whispering in their ear. Dugal attempts to sneak it, but becomes terrified of him after getting too close.

Rilas growing furious, seems to pull the soul from the great Dragon and then disappears INTO the Mythlar. The players grow curious and attempt a few more things, but eventually decide to head in as well.

Inside, they are treated to a large corridor, upon every few feet a pedestal and upon them a large white orb upon which it seems like memories are being displayed. Touching them grants a unique insight and while being unable to entirely focus upon it, provides preternatural benefits and insights.

They continue on as they find Arioch bending a knee before Rilas and swear loyalty to him and then the party attacks….

The fight is undoubtedly tough, Rilas and his dual soul of Iranez are very advanced spell-casters seemingly able to weave parts of reality together at will. Finally though, he suffers what appears to be a mortal wound and explodes as it appears that reality has corrected itself upon his defeat and he vanishes with some fiery explosion.

The campaign, at least this arc, comes to an end as the party knows not what the world remains like nor what they’ve done by defeating Iranez. It seems like there is much to choose still and their decisions will craft the world anew.

Session 59

We fought a dragon and we liked it maybe. Long live Krosis.

Session 58 - Treasure


  • +6 javelin (icy burst)
  • +5 punching dagger (flaming)
  • +4 club (brilliant energy)
  • +8 Bracers of Armor
  • Brazier of Commanding Fire Elementals
  • Crystal Ball with Detect Invisibility
  • Everburning Torch
  • Gloves of Arrow Snaring
  • Necklace of Fireballs (Type II)
  • Periapt of Health
  • Restorative Ointment
  • Ring – Evasion
  • Ring – Sustenance
  • Ring – Warmth
  • Ring – Wizardry (I)
  • Robe of Useful Items
  • Rod – Enemy Detection
  • Rope of Entanglement
  • Staff – Passage (37 charges)
  • Wand – Bull’s Strength (28 charges)
  • Wand – Dispel Magic (41 charges)
  • Wand – Magic Missile (1st-level caster) (18 charges)
  • Wand – Major Image (29 charges)
  • Wand – Mirror Image (24 charges)
  • Wand – Shocking Grasp (21 charges)
  • Wand – Summon Monster II (24 charges)
  • Amulet of Natural Armor (+5)
  • Cloak of Charisma +6
  • Cloak of Resistance (+1)
  • Ring – Protection +5
Session 58

Rue had been stabbed by Dugal but pressed on and realized that something else was pushing Dugal. She casted Magical Circle with Protection from Evil and the Protection from Evil itself on Dugal, which suppressed the domination effect of whatever was controlling him.

Alpha (One) surprised them with this sudden change and produced mirror images of himself and started the fight against the party.

He showed them that he was quite powerful damaging them well and with no regard or little for them. Even showed some very powerful artifacts that did something with Apata.

Apata claims to have made contact with Sammaster on a very unusual plane of existence. Alpha had managed to contact him, so he claims and Sammaster granted him freedom in exchange for his assistance. Sammaster attempted to bargain with her, asking her to ensure that the mythlar was protected from Iranez (he notably never mentioned Rilas) in addition to ensuring that the Lady of Pain was not successful either. Ehlonna attempted to warn Apata saying not to trust his lies, but that was all that she was capable of passing. Apata declined and requested to return. He smirked and let her go.

The fight came to close shortly after Apata returned, Rue delivering the final blow as she seemed to glow with an odd hue and like shattering a hollow porcelain doll, shattering into a million pieces. Rue was also able to see a unusual blue light that emitted only under her hammer during this odd process.

Alpha left behind many treasures and Flaggon was able to reclaim the HQ and the isle from the Half Moon Marauders.

Nayin Lem appeared as they relaxed for the evening at the tavern. She approaches and informs them, with the passing of Alpha, she’s sourced Rilas. He resides within the Kingdom Below.

Session 57

The group continues to assault the Twicesworn headquarters. The rest of the party catches up via hidden magical doors that the Twicesworn appear to control and lead them directly and quickly to the headquarters. Flaggon discussed briefly with Rue as to the trustworthiness of her companions and seems to be willing to bet the last of her guild in the idea that she could reclaim it.

Dugal and Moss continue to press their advantage, particularly as Moss in his mighty dragon form attacks and clears out several more men and panics the rest of them as they flee in terror. Believing that a blue dragon is protecting the island. Dugal picks his hand through “One” and only seems to get pricked by something, though no wound is found. Dugal finds nothing other than the amulet on the body. He slips off as Moss continues.

The rest of the party enter after the group. Flaggon informs them about known prisoners in the cells below and that they’ll work to free them while the group clears some more. RE sends out a few elementals in an effort to gather information. They come back telling of a few mooks in the prison cells and the prisoners. Flaggon then moves on. RE is then informed of an Iron Golem making its way to the group. Moss hears the thunderous footsteps on the floor above them.

The Golem turns and makes his way to them as they finish buffing up. Apata takes a look around as the golem enters the bottom stair and spots an oddity of a clear line of invisible creature standing at the halfway point on the stairwell. She fires an arrow and shatters it in what looks to be glass shards. The rest of the party fight against the golem.

Dugal had snuck around and found a secret room in the side room of Flaggon’s office. Letters and letters are written, the most recent still showing signs of recent penmanship, the ink well being wet and the candle still aflame. The note seems to read that “One” has gained full sentience and control and understanding of what and who he is. He has renamed him as “Alpha”. He seems to have a counter goal to Rilas as well, seeking to find the mythlar not for Rilas but to complete him and make him “real”. A few other points are noted about the wands being used. If used by a false creation like a simuclrum or replicate, it can be used to persist a temporarily generated one.

As the others battle and later take down, Dugal makes his way off and scouts ahead. He successfully sneaked into a chamber that he heard voices coming from and peers around to see what he would expect to be the real “One” now, Alpha. Who, in turn, looks to Dugal with a devilish predatory grin and surprising Dugal as words slither from his mouth, “Kill them. Kill them all.” Dugal stumbles for a moment as something else seems to come over him and he bends a knee to Alpha and then departs hiding in the corner or the room knowing the patterns that the party uses to search.

He waited first for Rue as she entered and was scanning with Detect Evil, slipping up behind her giving a short shove of the door before slipping the dagger deep under her plate armor. Rue broadcasts an attack in the room via the Helm of Telepathy but Dugal has the advantage still and will be able to strike again before she can twist around.

Session 56

Starting out in the safehouse, the party argues about what to do with the amulet. Rue finally casts Comprehend Languages and goes to read over the text on the back. The instructions tell her about the self-replication abilities of the amulet. How through holding the amulet you can create a perfect duplicate and once you bestow the amulet onto the replica that it will persist until destroyed.

Apata’s bow still pushes to have her destroy it. Telling her that a capable dispel effect would suffice. Dugal eyeing his prize and overhearing the discussion believes that in the right market, this would sell for upwards of 1.5 million gold. Moss seems entirely uninterested in the amulet.

Moss and Dugal later decide to head off from the group while they question the man that they’ve rescued and join up with the guards in disguise. They are attempting to learn more about them.

Josiah, the man that they rescued tells them that they knew the barkeep was selling them out. They were attempting to get at the man that is really in command, Gaulch. Whom the Twicesworn believe is the true puppeteer with the Half-Moon Marauders acting as inbetweens and soldiers. They knew that he’d be there at one of the spots. Didn’t know which one. We had a plan.

Rue gets the feeling that someone is quite off with him, he seems extremely depressed and near suicidal. RE casts Detect Magic on him and gets a feeling of a strong aura of evocation magic and between the two of them are able to figure out that it was a deadly trap for everyone involved. Rue casts Greater Dispel against Josiah, and is successful and deactivating whatever it was. He seems quite relieved at that and agrees to take them to see Flaggon once nightfall arrives.

Dugal and Moss are quite successful at pretending to be sellswords and acting out the law, so much so that they are brought to the Twicesworn Headquarters, which now acts as a the headquarters for whoever is in charge. A formible residence capable of holding during a small land siege.

They all appear to be lining up in a single fashion line and marching down this corridor. Unfortunately for them, they kinda get a little too far in to be able to back out and are now trying to plan something. Dugal looks up ahead as they round a corner and spots a wizard using wands to cast something against them. Having enough time, he starts to study him and then realizes that this man appears to be One. Relaying that information to Moss, they plan in the moment. Dugal will attack, Moss to follow up if required, then defend.

The others, Apata, Rue and RE are brought to Flaggon’s residence. They enter and then move through a vast array of illusion magic maze. One would easily get lost if they did not know the right pattern and they meet with Flaggon again. She tells them that in the time frame (a few days after they left) that the island was seized from her men’s power. She had already dispatched some men to Isteroth and seeing the weakness, they attacked. They won and have been hunting us down ever since.

Dugal and Moss creep closer and finally are able to make their move, while Dugal throws his blade into One, knowing he is a simuaclrum he wasn’t certain where to strike and One suffers through it, a twist of the blade though proves very damaging as blood flows from the wound and the blade wet with it. Moss turns casting incantation, the feeling of death creeping over and a point of the finger, One crumbles to the floor, a harsh seize as the man pulls to a stop and he lies dead on the floor. From the surprise round, they are able to act again before the soldiers can do any more than draw their blades. Moss wildshapes into a freaking large blue dragon, which terrifies two-thirds of the men out. Dugal looks over the man’s corpse momentarily, realizing that he holds another amulet of self-replication in his hand.

Flaggon is then shortly informed that the stronghold has been attacked. A blue dragon and man have killed Gaulch by the looks of it.

Session 55

The session starts with the party quick on the heels on the Twicesworn man that was betrayed.

Dugal attempts a quick escape to get away from whatever is ominously calling to him to join him. He manages to succeed evade them with a backflip onto the nearby structure, but misses his balance when landing and tumbles off the side, luckily to be caught by his Feather Fall ring. He turns invisible, and takes a quick cover, hiding behind a few obstacles. However, this doesn’t seem to deter them as they quickly call out that he’s invisible and based on how they are looking as they make their way onto the street, they could see him. It’s the same look Apata has when True Seeing is activated and all 8 of them are looking. They mock Dugal, calling him a craven and coward, and yet he still hides.

Moss arrives on scene as a hawk along with his cohort in similar form. Moss had already casted True Seeing on himself and in the midst of the 8 guards, stands a 9th man, invisible as well.

The rest of the party arrives in time to the scene, contact with Dugal is established and RE summons a rhino for Apata to attempt to ride into battle against the men. RE also invisible begins to setup his own attack, waiting for Apata to finish hers. In addition, Dugal casts Obscuring Mist in an attempt to gain further advantage against the guards seeking him.

Apata charges headlong into battle. The guards deftly dodge her charging rhino, leading her straight into the middle of them, only to be touch by something and drained harshly of nearly her entire life force. Moss is able to observe this, but only sees the man touch her and nothing else. The rhino continues during Apata’s turn and runs further out of range. The man seems a bit amused, but overall, they still are seeking Dugal.

The guards on their following round prepare for something, all looking to be enforced by something extra, but Moss is unable to determine as the caster never moves, and never speaks. The guards all have their crossbows at the ready. Dugal prepares his own vital strike, casting True Strike on himself.

RE, still invisible, attempts to cast a spell in such a way that it would affect them all with a Cone of Cold. However, as RE comes in for the kill, he realizes he made a egregious error as the guards move in uniform fashion to raise their bows to him and fire off a barrage of bolts. They all sink in deep, 8 bolts like a reverse porcupine. RE screams in sheer pain, howls from the deep coldness of the bolts as they barricade themselves within his skin. He hangs up but a few moments before finally passing out.

Everyone starts to get a little panicked now, Apata is out for now, RE is out looks dead again and nothing has managed to affect them much. Dugal makes his move using another Rogue trick and fires off a singular shot at the man in the middle, his trick allowing him to see invisible enemies for but a round. Luckily that is all that is needed as the man crumbles the man after a shot to the head.

Instantly, the guards react, quickly gathering together as Moss and Dugal make note of some kind of amulet left behind shortly after the 9th man’s body disappeared or crumbled. Taking advantage of this, Rue casts a flame strike against the group, annihilating 5 of them. However, during the commotion, they’ve lost track of the amulet and the three guards quickly disperse in various directions, in hopes that one might rescue the amulet.

They chase them down, only one of the three getting away and luckily, they caught the one with the amulet. Taking a moment to look at the amulet, it is described as: A smooth gold-encrusted reddish-purple gem hangs on a fine golden chain. There is an inscription written in abyssal on the back.

They use the lull to quickly search the building, finding first an illusion on the second floor and finally a pocket dimension that contains the man they are looking for. Something feels off about the man, he isn’t acting quite normal, but they are unable to place it. He appears badly beaten, stating that he was tortured for a least an hour by a man described much like one of the simulacrum.

They ferry away everyone and head to the safe-house provided by the Black Fox guild. Here they learn that RE isn’t dead much to some surprise. The largest being that Rue is completely unable to heal him. Instead the magic is resisted but returned to her. As they watch him return, Apata, Rue and Moss all get various feelings that something is inherently broken with the method of RE’s return. They’ve seen resurrections before, even when Pelor gave RE his life back, but nothing like this. They feel a deep and hollow sadness with a varying degrees of wrongness.

They look over the amulet, asking Apata’s bow to read the words on the back. It quickly tells them expressing great displeasure to simply destroy the amulet. It’s capable of great harm in the wrong hands and they have no use for such magics. They debate and are in the midst of deciding what to do with it before destroying it and if it is the right plan.

Session 54

The group starts up again as they are teleported by Nayin Lem onto Casacara. However, much of the situation has changed. What was once a prosperous independent nation has been turned on its head. The Twicesworn are hunted and nearly no one makes their way onto the streets except those in a swift hurry.

They spy gallows of hanged Twicesworn and even encounter the guards as they attack a man and later his family for being a Twicesworn. The scene is very grim in what has only been about two weeks of time something has drastically changed the enviroment.

Dugal skips off to get a feel of everything and later find out some information. Apata steps through trees to find the great oak tree that she had been at last on Casacara and where she was blessed by Elhonna. Moss tags along a little later with Dugal, while Rue and RE try to find out some more information about the scene they just witnessed.

They are able to gather the following:

The Twicesworn departed with many men in tow with a man named Darathas, this appeared to weaken the Twicesworn more than they had expected to be countered by. A group known as the Half Moon Marauders took over with the head of the organization being a man named Turkquil and a unknown accomplice named Gaulch.

The guards all look damn near identical and with their own mind, though given directive. They all fight very well as witnessed by the encounter with the Twicesworn and they do not bleed. Apata with True Seeing sees them as an invisible outline that is constantly covered with water as it dripping off of them.

It has only been a short while, but some rogue resistance has been established by both the remaining Twicesworn and the Black Fox, who are both attempting to take out the Half-Moon Marauders, if they can.

Zeke provides them with some key information about how to find the Honorable Knight, Flaggon. Additionally, he provisions them with several clockwork bombs and the locate to a weapon-store owned by the Half-Moon. As the party was seeking a distraction to get into the HQ and eliminate Turkquil and Gaulch. He tells them that if they bargain more with the Twicesworn, they’ll have a united front and a ample distraction and the Twicesworn will own the Black Fox a debt, which can be used later.

Zeke additionally believes that with the bombs and the ensuing fight that enough of the marauders could be dealt with that the Twicesworn and Black Fox could take over if the party is able to succeed.

The session ends as the party is attempting to interrogate a barkeep. Rue suspects that the barkeep knows how to get in contact with the Twicesworn and after fielding a Detect Thoughts against him, either is selling out his companions for gold or something far worse.

Dugal had been following one of the men that the barkeep passed a note to. The man had turned a corner and all but virtually disappeared. Then realizing it was a trap, narrowly avoids the rope net which is quickly pulled up, but Dugal decides to climb up anyway and is shortly addressed by 8 men aiming large crossbows at him and a voice calls out, “Ah, please, Mr. Dugal, have a seat.”

Session 52-53 Treasure

Level to 15!

Session 52-53

With some unease the party deliberates to discuss options on how to proceed. They wish to destroy some of the lines of the web to unravel it and so they do. They seek out Salan Roka, paying off a man to teleport them behind the lines and into Salan’s base using Nayin Lem’s divination to get them there.


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