Experience and Treasure - Session 9 and 10

Experience: Enough to level to level 8. Total Experience: 28,000
Treasure: – none -
Game Time Passed: About 5 days
Total Game Time Passed: Two months and 2~3 weeks. Fall Festivals would normally begin soon.

Session 10

The party arrived together at the base of a large hill and home to the Tranquil Foothills. The nearby towns, including Foxworth, have used the foothills as a burial ground for many decades and the structures standing are remains of the old empire. The grand mausoleum that stands at the top of the hill is that of a very large human skull that is the entrance to a deep underground tomb for many of the old warriors of the empire.

Session 9

The party started early the next day after arriving back to Norfall from the Sol Sanctum. The party had discussed a few things, but hadn’t yet had the time to flush out a plan. While eating breakfast, Gideon arrives and joins them for the meal and listens to their plans for a few minutes. Eventually, though, he believes it might just be best to provide some guidance and asks them again for a favor.

Experience and Treasure - Session 8

Lost a player in my first game ever…please pay respects to Rosco Tealeaf

Experience: 700 XP
Treasure: 400GP, Cragg Stonefist – Dwarven Monk from the Sol Sanctum
Game Time Passed: 1 week about 4 days
Total Game Time Passed: Two months and a few days.

Session 8

Though a tough fought and perilous battle, the party managed to defeat the Remorhaz but with a loss of a dear friend, Rosco, the bard. The party scavenges what it can, but otherwise moves on after burying their friend and completing last rites.

Experience and Treasure - Session 7

After some great role-playing even with a few characters down, you’ve earned 400 XP with your discussions with Nayin and reaching further into the wilds of the journey to the Sol Sanctum.

Experience: 400 XP
Treasure: None
Game Time Passed: 1.5 weeks
Total Game Time Passed: Month and three weeks. Fall as arrived officially in the Freelands of Amerys
Estimated Journey time to Sol Sanctum: 1 week

Session 7

After the encounter with the spiders, the party decides it would be best to make camp and rest. However, shortly into the first watch, they spot a woman searching around and seeming to be quite upset at the death of the spiders. The party continues to watch her as she finds a few dead soldiers wrapped up, cuts them free and after finding them dead does a few rites which the cleric determines to be rites of a worshiper of Wee Jas.

Experience and Treasure - Session 6

Experience: 450 XP
Treasure: 55gp from the spiders. Not many human remains were found.
Game Time Passed: 1 week
Total Game Time Passed: One month has passed. It is nearing the end of Summer in another two weeks.

Session 6

After some heated debate, the party decides that the forest path would be the best way. They buy a few preparations and head west across the vast plains. The trip is uneventful but takes nearly a week to traverse. As night begins they crest a small hill that over looks the large encampment of kings-guard. They can spot that several caravans are still coming and going and that it looks to be small village of some kind albeit more militarily run.

Experience and Treasure - Session 5

Completing the first main quest after arriving back at Norfall and completely several side quests along with defeating the owlbears has earned the players enough experience to advance to the next level. You are now at a perfect 21,000 experience point total.

Additionally, the party has managed to come away with a large sum of gold after selling the baby owlbears. Gideon fronts the party a payment of 9,000 gp for a job well done.

Lastly, to track in-game time, five days have passed with all your traveling about. Another week and the first month will be passing.


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