Session 17

Waiting to dawn to enter the city of Alisar, the party makes a disguise for both RE and the Prince in order to quickly get in without question. However, something gives it away and the Prince/King is revealed, however, the guards just kneel before him.

Session 16

The scene opens with the players arriving with their chosen faction leaders to join them in the feast hall in the Church of Lolth.

Session 15 - Treasure and Experience

Experience: 1,000
Experience Total: 30,935

  1. Hisamba: 50,000 gp
  2. Aboleth’s Treasure: 2,000 gp
  3. Cloak of the Manta Ray
  4. Mage Hand
  5. Selling drow gear: 250 gp

Game Time Passed: 3 days
Total Game Time Passed: Three Months

Session 15

Rejecting the offer put forth by the aboleth, instead choosing to destroy it.

Session 14

The party awakens to the sounds of a pitched battle. The platform with the Church of Lolth seems to have become engaged with Salan‘s men. However, it appears that they were able to beat them back and the fight has taken to the bridge between the platforms. If the party attempts to engage the groups, The bridge will seem to slip away as it only magically held together and drop many of them (both Roka’s men and Lolth warriors) into the raging river deep below them. They see Salan on the other side of the destroyed bridge, who surrenders, then they see a group of black cloaked men exit from the church and magically bind him while a group of the drow warriors lift him up and begin to bring him inside.

Session 13

The night was started with a sudden burst as a young girl came up from the pool of water and trying to swim.

Session 12 - Treasure and Experience

Experience: 685
Treasure: – none -
Game Time Passed: 6 hours
Total Game Time Passed: Two months and 3 weeks

Session 12

The door drops open to reveal a tight fitting hallway that leads down two flights of stairs to a small door. Disabling the alarm and picking the lock, they are able to make their way inside to which they find another large study with large bookcases on the walls, a desk with a lit candle and a large black circle painted in the center of the floor surrounded by eighteen bodies going around the circle.

Session 11 - Treasure and Experience

Experience: 750 (goblin fight) + 500 (flesh golem fight) = 1250

  • 600gp worth in gems
  • 1x Scroll of Restoration and Cure Critical Wounds
  • 1x Rope of Climbing (3,000 gp)
  • 1x figurine of wondrous power (wooden raven) (3,800 gp)
  • 1x pearl of power (1st level) (1,000 gp)
  • 1x boots of elvenkind (2,000 gp)

Game Time Passed: About 2 days
Total Game Time Passed: Two months and 3 weeks. Fall Festivals are starting…

Session 11

The scene opens with the party having arrived at the exit of the secret passage. The earth elemental had informed RE that below them was a tribe of goblins in the crypts where Rorvix believes that he was being held.


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