Session 42
The answer to life, the universe and everything else

Exploring the tower, they take to the top of it. From the bottom it suggests a lighthouse, but from the top it is not. Instead on the top stands very large pillars set in such a manner as to hold a extremely large item as the molding of it would suggest a very large spherical object. They guess the item would have to be about 100-150’ in size.

Session 41
The Eye of Sauron!

The fight continued against the lizardfolk drider as RE continued to be nauseated and everyone was attempting to fling attacks into the opening on the balcony while RE was teetering on the edge after an weakening attack from the drider.

Session 40

The players pick up the session as they jump into the frigid waters and swim to shore with their various methods of travel. As they swim, they pass over several towns and a small city that seem locked into a stasis of sorts with the wheat and barley fields still swaying in the currents. The buildings seems untouched except by time and by collision with ships. Though there doesn’t otherwise appear to be any reason for it.

Session 39
There were too many jokes to choose just one

After a bit of a hiatus, we finally were able to gather the party together for another session and adventure though it was more like we simply needed together once before we actually would be able to play again.

Session 38
He's so evil, he's good at it.

The session opens with Jolner returning again as they head for the peak that they were able to locate. He seems to have gotten command over a squad of soldiers and a Minotaur even. As three small and swift boats come up close to the Mad Mermaid.

Session 37

The session starts out with everyone arriving at the temple, which is neatly settled in the middle of a vast plain, and a well tilled crater with a steep hillside.

Session 36
Rue grabs RE's wand, jerking it from his hand.

The game continues from their last session as they have realized that a spellcaster is nearby and starting to mess with them.

Session 35
Where did they go? Oh my god, rhino!

The adventure kicks off with them sleeping in the Temple of Pelor and Dugal hears several dozen men that sound like guards gathering outside.

Session 34
Who knew that druids can turn into ponies?

The session kicks off at the end of the battle with Madras, the Bear Champion.


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