Session 5
Out of the woods and into the flames

A week has passed since the group left Norfall in search of answers and has only come away with even more questions. Though they can sense that something big is afoot by some even bigger players.

Experience and Treasure - Session 4

After a hard fought battle, and some diplomacy along with interesting tactics for ensuring that the group wasn’t immediately discovered, I’m awarding a total of 514 for avoiding a fight by being crafty, along with the 657 for defeating the goblin tribe for a total of 1171.

A total XP of 3366 has been collected.

Congrats on being smart and tactical!

Notable: Approximately a week has passed in-game time since Gideon asked the players to start the investigation.


A total of 2,211 gold pieces were collected from donations by the goblin tribe.

3x daggers were located as well.


  • arcane (1,450 gp)
    • Displacement (13, CL-5)
    • Lightning Bolt (5d6) (13, CL-5)
    • Black Tentacles (14, CL-7)
  • arcane (375 gp)
    • Slow (13, CL-5)
  • divine (750 gp)
    • Cure Serious Wounds (13, CL-5)
    • Water Walk (13, CL-5)
Session 4
Into the Cave!

After nearly a week of traveling and preparing, tonight was the night the party was finally able to get access to the Cavern of Sorrows. After some early scout reports from the druid and rogue, they went invisible and silent and crept up the carved stairway into through the huge entrance that had weathered the elements better than would be believed.

Experience, Treasure and Houserules - Session 3

The experience provided from slaying the Grey Render, gathering intel on the enemy and such is whopping total of 675 XP. Unfortunately, the Grey Render didn’t really provide any treasure for the fight.

Just to provide an overall total, you will have gained a total of 675 + 270 + 250 = 1195. I believe everyone turned in a backstory, so a full total of 2195, almost halfway to level 7.

Since everyone has brought up the familiar, Empathic Link and such several times. I feel I should explain how it will work in my game. I believe that the connection is deeper than just emotional. That it is a magically created link and therefore more powerful than someone with Handle Animal and has trained the creature as a pet. While you can’t readily see out of the creatures eyes, you can get feelings and at level 5, you are able to communicate with your familiar. Therefore, I believe it is possible to get general counts and descriptions of enemies. Once an description has been confirmed, the creature will then report it as such. If an unusual creatue or object is spotted, then it will only be able to provide a description and you must investigate or roll a Knowledge (applicable) check to determine what it is or might be.

IE, Apata’s hawk spots a red flying lizard, size medium. Once you confirm that it is a wyrmling, if it spots another red flying lizard, it will communicate that it spotted a red wyrmling. However, If it spots a blue one, it might say that it is a blue flying lizard instead of assuming that it is a blue wyrmling until again it has been confirmed. As adult and young adult dragons are the same size, it will report a dragon of large size and color of the dragon, but as it is unable to tell the age, it won’t be able to report that.

Session 3

The session started with the party in line for the attack against the Grey Render. Having a sound plan made the encounter go quite smoothly. While Moss was unable to quickly trap it in an Entangle spell. He was able to get the majority of it, while the Rogue, Dugal, quickly made an escape away. With the vast array of ranged attacks and spells, the players were able to dispatch the Grey Render with relative ease.

Experience and Treasure - Session 2

The party is able to find several valuable gems on the Hextor group.

Find gems worth: 75gp, 50gp, 50gp. They then find 325 additional pieces of gold between the members.
You also found a scroll of Dimension Door, as you haven’t identified it yet, you don’t know the level of the magic required to use it.

Though, you were successful in defeating the fighters of the Lady. She was able to escape. While she will most certainly be seen again, for now, you only gain experience at half her CR. With that though, you are now 270 points higher each.

Session 2

The session starts with them under-way to the Cavern of Sorrows after the conversations with the halfling hermits.

Session 1

First session after character creation and we seemed to have had a blast.

The start of the game was with them and an old friend and patron Gideon riding in their wagon back to his home village Norfall, just south of the mountains in Amerys.


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