Session 51

An old friend to some perhaps, Nayin Lem, locates them in Sigil. She invites them to her residence here in Sigil. To rest, relax and discuss.

Session 50 - Treasure

Level to 14!

1,831 gold coins (1,831 gp)

augite (brown) (27.1 gp)
balas ruby (pink spinel) (1,043.5 gp)
elbaite (red tourmaline) (139.6 gp)
horn coral (616.9 gp)
moonbar (1,190.6 gp)
moss opal (green) (851.5 gp)
rose quartz (pink) (11.6 gp)
ruby spinel (dusky red) (678.3 gp)
sharpstone (13.8 gp)
violet spinel (660.3 gp)

lyre of building (13,000 gp)

TOTAL VALUE: 20,064.2 gp

Session 50
To RE: Do you carry around a tombstone in your haversack?

The Rakshasa Viper hisses and commands you to sit and all but Moss do.

Session 49

Shopping spree in Sigil

Session 48

The party starts out with a relatively easy goal, get to the top of the mountain and make it to Sigil, but what transpired was not as expected.

Session 47
I'm really familiar with my pockets.

The spotting of the Death Knight has a sudden turn in battle.

Session 46
Devil at the crossroads

The session resumes as the party meets the sacred Oak tree just outside town.

Session 45

The party has several separate story-lines collide and catalyst into two major events.

Session 44

They finally agree to free the archdevil, Arioch. They try to get a bargain struck, but for any chance of him helping them, he is only willing to agree to the first condition. Which is that they will be mutually beneficial to one another. They recultantly agree and then free him.

Session 43
Stop looking at his crotch and look above him.

Arioch laughs like crackling bones as he tells RE that there is more than just that one quote on the wall.


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