Session 60-62

Coming to an end

Cutting to the core of it….

The players arrive in the deep Underdark. The Mythlar and the Red Dragon perched upon a large pillar platform. Rilas floats in the air, in a seated lotus position talking to the dragon a moment.

The players try a few tricks, talk with the dragon and though far away, they are easily able to speak with it and hear it like it is whispering in their ear. Dugal attempts to sneak it, but becomes terrified of him after getting too close.

Rilas growing furious, seems to pull the soul from the great Dragon and then disappears INTO the Mythlar. The players grow curious and attempt a few more things, but eventually decide to head in as well.

Inside, they are treated to a large corridor, upon every few feet a pedestal and upon them a large white orb upon which it seems like memories are being displayed. Touching them grants a unique insight and while being unable to entirely focus upon it, provides preternatural benefits and insights.

They continue on as they find Arioch bending a knee before Rilas and swear loyalty to him and then the party attacks….

The fight is undoubtedly tough, Rilas and his dual soul of Iranez are very advanced spell-casters seemingly able to weave parts of reality together at will. Finally though, he suffers what appears to be a mortal wound and explodes as it appears that reality has corrected itself upon his defeat and he vanishes with some fiery explosion.

The campaign, at least this arc, comes to an end as the party knows not what the world remains like nor what they’ve done by defeating Iranez. It seems like there is much to choose still and their decisions will craft the world anew.


freedomischaos freedomischaos

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