Session 6

After some heated debate, the party decides that the forest path would be the best way. They buy a few preparations and head west across the vast plains. The trip is uneventful but takes nearly a week to traverse. As night begins they crest a small hill that over looks the large encampment of kings-guard. They can spot that several caravans are still coming and going and that it looks to be small village of some kind albeit more militarily run.

They enter after briefly talking to the main station guard and take a quick peek around town. There are two major inns. One is right off the main way, the other is out the beaten path some and seems to be more like a dive bar of sorts. Dugal wastes no time visiting the latter in an attempt to gain some information. The others stand around or try to gain information themselves by just listening in or talking to the barkeeps.

After an hour, they mostly come away with that the encampment has been around for nearly 15 years, though only in the last year have the palisade walls gone up. They also seem to believe that it the encampment is more about trying to keep people from getting in as much as it is about preventing an invading army from entering as well.

While the others debate about a way to get through the wall or over it, Dugal takes on the mask of an old man and talks to the guards maintaining the backgate. After some storytelling and bribery, the man accepts though he requires a large stack of coin in exchange. He manages to buy some time and heads back to his group to find them still in debate but tells them that he’s found a way through via bribery and to come quickly. Through a few means, some of the party manages to save some money through invisibility and the druids ability to shapeshift they only spend 300gp getting through. Which they encounter no problems from the guards and they pass into the night and disappear quickly from the view of the fort.

They begin their journey through the forest, though after a hour nothing has really happened, then another hour passes, still nothing. Then just about as one of them hit it, a single thread of a web is spotted. They managed to stop just in time, but soon enough they are surrounded by monstrous spiders some the size of giants and others barely the size of the halflings. After a few quick rounds of combat, the party dispatches most of them and quickly tracked the last one down.

The session ended with the party discussing on resting as they are nearing a 24 hour mark for them being awake and unrested.


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