Session 58

Rue had been stabbed by Dugal but pressed on and realized that something else was pushing Dugal. She casted Magical Circle with Protection from Evil and the Protection from Evil itself on Dugal, which suppressed the domination effect of whatever was controlling him.

Alpha (One) surprised them with this sudden change and produced mirror images of himself and started the fight against the party.

He showed them that he was quite powerful damaging them well and with no regard or little for them. Even showed some very powerful artifacts that did something with Apata.

Apata claims to have made contact with Sammaster on a very unusual plane of existence. Alpha had managed to contact him, so he claims and Sammaster granted him freedom in exchange for his assistance. Sammaster attempted to bargain with her, asking her to ensure that the mythlar was protected from Iranez (he notably never mentioned Rilas) in addition to ensuring that the Lady of Pain was not successful either. Ehlonna attempted to warn Apata saying not to trust his lies, but that was all that she was capable of passing. Apata declined and requested to return. He smirked and let her go.

The fight came to close shortly after Apata returned, Rue delivering the final blow as she seemed to glow with an odd hue and like shattering a hollow porcelain doll, shattering into a million pieces. Rue was also able to see a unusual blue light that emitted only under her hammer during this odd process.

Alpha left behind many treasures and Flaggon was able to reclaim the HQ and the isle from the Half Moon Marauders.

Nayin Lem appeared as they relaxed for the evening at the tavern. She approaches and informs them, with the passing of Alpha, she’s sourced Rilas. He resides within the Kingdom Below.


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