Session 56

Starting out in the safehouse, the party argues about what to do with the amulet. Rue finally casts Comprehend Languages and goes to read over the text on the back. The instructions tell her about the self-replication abilities of the amulet. How through holding the amulet you can create a perfect duplicate and once you bestow the amulet onto the replica that it will persist until destroyed.

Apata’s bow still pushes to have her destroy it. Telling her that a capable dispel effect would suffice. Dugal eyeing his prize and overhearing the discussion believes that in the right market, this would sell for upwards of 1.5 million gold. Moss seems entirely uninterested in the amulet.

Moss and Dugal later decide to head off from the group while they question the man that they’ve rescued and join up with the guards in disguise. They are attempting to learn more about them.

Josiah, the man that they rescued tells them that they knew the barkeep was selling them out. They were attempting to get at the man that is really in command, Gaulch. Whom the Twicesworn believe is the true puppeteer with the Half-Moon Marauders acting as inbetweens and soldiers. They knew that he’d be there at one of the spots. Didn’t know which one. We had a plan.

Rue gets the feeling that someone is quite off with him, he seems extremely depressed and near suicidal. RE casts Detect Magic on him and gets a feeling of a strong aura of evocation magic and between the two of them are able to figure out that it was a deadly trap for everyone involved. Rue casts Greater Dispel against Josiah, and is successful and deactivating whatever it was. He seems quite relieved at that and agrees to take them to see Flaggon once nightfall arrives.

Dugal and Moss are quite successful at pretending to be sellswords and acting out the law, so much so that they are brought to the Twicesworn Headquarters, which now acts as a the headquarters for whoever is in charge. A formible residence capable of holding during a small land siege.

They all appear to be lining up in a single fashion line and marching down this corridor. Unfortunately for them, they kinda get a little too far in to be able to back out and are now trying to plan something. Dugal looks up ahead as they round a corner and spots a wizard using wands to cast something against them. Having enough time, he starts to study him and then realizes that this man appears to be One. Relaying that information to Moss, they plan in the moment. Dugal will attack, Moss to follow up if required, then defend.

The others, Apata, Rue and RE are brought to Flaggon’s residence. They enter and then move through a vast array of illusion magic maze. One would easily get lost if they did not know the right pattern and they meet with Flaggon again. She tells them that in the time frame (a few days after they left) that the island was seized from her men’s power. She had already dispatched some men to Isteroth and seeing the weakness, they attacked. They won and have been hunting us down ever since.

Dugal and Moss creep closer and finally are able to make their move, while Dugal throws his blade into One, knowing he is a simuaclrum he wasn’t certain where to strike and One suffers through it, a twist of the blade though proves very damaging as blood flows from the wound and the blade wet with it. Moss turns casting incantation, the feeling of death creeping over and a point of the finger, One crumbles to the floor, a harsh seize as the man pulls to a stop and he lies dead on the floor. From the surprise round, they are able to act again before the soldiers can do any more than draw their blades. Moss wildshapes into a freaking large blue dragon, which terrifies two-thirds of the men out. Dugal looks over the man’s corpse momentarily, realizing that he holds another amulet of self-replication in his hand.

Flaggon is then shortly informed that the stronghold has been attacked. A blue dragon and man have killed Gaulch by the looks of it.


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