Session 55

The session starts with the party quick on the heels on the Twicesworn man that was betrayed.

Dugal attempts a quick escape to get away from whatever is ominously calling to him to join him. He manages to succeed evade them with a backflip onto the nearby structure, but misses his balance when landing and tumbles off the side, luckily to be caught by his Feather Fall ring. He turns invisible, and takes a quick cover, hiding behind a few obstacles. However, this doesn’t seem to deter them as they quickly call out that he’s invisible and based on how they are looking as they make their way onto the street, they could see him. It’s the same look Apata has when True Seeing is activated and all 8 of them are looking. They mock Dugal, calling him a craven and coward, and yet he still hides.

Moss arrives on scene as a hawk along with his cohort in similar form. Moss had already casted True Seeing on himself and in the midst of the 8 guards, stands a 9th man, invisible as well.

The rest of the party arrives in time to the scene, contact with Dugal is established and RE summons a rhino for Apata to attempt to ride into battle against the men. RE also invisible begins to setup his own attack, waiting for Apata to finish hers. In addition, Dugal casts Obscuring Mist in an attempt to gain further advantage against the guards seeking him.

Apata charges headlong into battle. The guards deftly dodge her charging rhino, leading her straight into the middle of them, only to be touch by something and drained harshly of nearly her entire life force. Moss is able to observe this, but only sees the man touch her and nothing else. The rhino continues during Apata’s turn and runs further out of range. The man seems a bit amused, but overall, they still are seeking Dugal.

The guards on their following round prepare for something, all looking to be enforced by something extra, but Moss is unable to determine as the caster never moves, and never speaks. The guards all have their crossbows at the ready. Dugal prepares his own vital strike, casting True Strike on himself.

RE, still invisible, attempts to cast a spell in such a way that it would affect them all with a Cone of Cold. However, as RE comes in for the kill, he realizes he made a egregious error as the guards move in uniform fashion to raise their bows to him and fire off a barrage of bolts. They all sink in deep, 8 bolts like a reverse porcupine. RE screams in sheer pain, howls from the deep coldness of the bolts as they barricade themselves within his skin. He hangs up but a few moments before finally passing out.

Everyone starts to get a little panicked now, Apata is out for now, RE is out looks dead again and nothing has managed to affect them much. Dugal makes his move using another Rogue trick and fires off a singular shot at the man in the middle, his trick allowing him to see invisible enemies for but a round. Luckily that is all that is needed as the man crumbles the man after a shot to the head.

Instantly, the guards react, quickly gathering together as Moss and Dugal make note of some kind of amulet left behind shortly after the 9th man’s body disappeared or crumbled. Taking advantage of this, Rue casts a flame strike against the group, annihilating 5 of them. However, during the commotion, they’ve lost track of the amulet and the three guards quickly disperse in various directions, in hopes that one might rescue the amulet.

They chase them down, only one of the three getting away and luckily, they caught the one with the amulet. Taking a moment to look at the amulet, it is described as: A smooth gold-encrusted reddish-purple gem hangs on a fine golden chain. There is an inscription written in abyssal on the back.

They use the lull to quickly search the building, finding first an illusion on the second floor and finally a pocket dimension that contains the man they are looking for. Something feels off about the man, he isn’t acting quite normal, but they are unable to place it. He appears badly beaten, stating that he was tortured for a least an hour by a man described much like one of the simulacrum.

They ferry away everyone and head to the safe-house provided by the Black Fox guild. Here they learn that RE isn’t dead much to some surprise. The largest being that Rue is completely unable to heal him. Instead the magic is resisted but returned to her. As they watch him return, Apata, Rue and Moss all get various feelings that something is inherently broken with the method of RE’s return. They’ve seen resurrections before, even when Pelor gave RE his life back, but nothing like this. They feel a deep and hollow sadness with a varying degrees of wrongness.

They look over the amulet, asking Apata’s bow to read the words on the back. It quickly tells them expressing great displeasure to simply destroy the amulet. It’s capable of great harm in the wrong hands and they have no use for such magics. They debate and are in the midst of deciding what to do with it before destroying it and if it is the right plan.


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