Session 52-53

With some unease the party deliberates to discuss options on how to proceed. They wish to destroy some of the lines of the web to unravel it and so they do. They seek out Salan Roka, paying off a man to teleport them behind the lines and into Salan’s base using Nayin Lem’s divination to get them there.

This actually appears to work, as they are able to fight brutally through the web and unravel their first piece by toppling Salan. Though the battle was not without some heavy hits.

After the battle, Nayim appears along with the fighting to be heard as Rehiel’s men can be heard fighting outside the door. Salan is lying dead on the floor while Nayim starts her rituals and mix of arcane and divine magic.

The party moves to comfort Avery in her time of need, checking the child and hear, but otherwise, they are normal. Rehiel soon enters and Rue briefly converses with her till she moves to discuss with her sister.

Nayim produces a gem and appears to cull forth the soul(s) of Salan Roka trapping them in the gem. Continuing still as the party becomes increasingly curious, she produces another gem and appears to split the souls from the first into that of the second. She lies the second at the head of the Salan, speaking a few more incantations as the mystical essence flows from them gem and back into Salan as he draws his new breath.

He rises, clutching chest where Dugal was certain he had nicked the man’s heart, yet still he breaths anew. Pressed for questions and answers, he tells them that he was bound by one of the simulacrum’s by Red Wizards. The party believes that it would Two of The Five that was bound with Salan. He agrees to several key points: he will give Darathas his city, but remain the ruler of the Kingdom of Isteroth. He agrees to atone for his sins as well in the light of Pelor as he believes Hextor has tricked him, though he states that he will not be immediately following a deity afterwards, for now.

Dugal and Moss go off and summon Arioch, the devil king of Valcia. They bargain the exchange of the soul of Two for assistance with toppling One or Rilas, left to them for deciding which they need help with. He shows them that he has toppled Five of The Five, leaving only One and Rilas remaining.

Nayim seems to be finishing up and should have the location of One soon enough. They already known where One is and so they set forth to stop him in Casacara.


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