Session 10

The party arrived together at the base of a large hill and home to the Tranquil Foothills. The nearby towns, including Foxworth, have used the foothills as a burial ground for many decades and the structures standing are remains of the old empire. The grand mausoleum that stands at the top of the hill is that of a very large human skull that is the entrance to a deep underground tomb for many of the old warriors of the empire.

Arriving they noticed that the front door of the mausoleum is partly open, the stench of death and cold air permeating the air nearby. A tunnel leads down a large chamber where many tombs have been eroded, destroyed or opened over the years. Four large wolf-like statues stand on large brass metal plates. The players begin to explore the area and soon figured out the statues had a sense of magic about them, when a loud and piercing howl came from them and four skeletal worgs arose to defend the area. It took a few rounds for the characters to figure out that the statues would continue to bring more worgs until either the party was killed or the statues were destroyed. The cleric capable of turning the undead, was able to give ample time to destroy the statues while they cowered in a corner from the cleric. They then made quick work of the statues completely disabling them.

Searching around, they located a lever in the pool of water in the chamber and after further searching was able to find a doorway hidden inside an old fireplace. A quick pull of the lever and the doorway crashed open and the deeper air of death moved from the ancient chamber grounds and lead them into a long hallways filled with the tombs of the undead. Soon though, the party would encounter a large pit with what looked like several large cavern, however, they stood over 200 feet from the bottom of the chasm. A short while of trying to figure out a way to get across, a figure approached them and stood there carrying a lantern. The rogue took some time to attempt to investigate, but didn’t see anything important and eventually, the druid wild-shaped and flew over to the other end. The ghost revealed himself as Rorvix Ironblood the Lord of the Blackvine Keep. He tells Moss that there is a lever which will allow him to let his friends cross as well.

Standing nearby Rorvix is another figure that he informs Moss is the manifestation of Death and he is waiting for the final moments for Rorvix to pass on to carry him away.

After crossing and talking with Rorvix, they find out that Commander Daraz has betrayed Rorvix, nearly killing him and letting him die in the crypts beneath the keep. Rorvix tells them that he doesn’t have much time, but perhaps some of the items buried with the old lords would provide some assistance and restore him. He tells them that provided they are able to save him, the goods are theirs to keep as a reward.

The continue through and encounter a horde of skeletons, though the cleric, Ru, is able to quickly dispatch them with a powerful turn.

The exit door appears trapped and while the rogue, Dugal, attempts to disable it, he fails and sets it off, dealing some damage, and feeling the poison start coursing through his veins, though he feels confident that he’ll be able to withstand it.

They exit the room after gathering some information via a Earth Elemental who informs them that a group of goblins nearby are thrashing through the tombs below.


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