Valcia is one of the many worlds amidst a sea of others that were created at the dawn of time by power untold and unfathomable. Valcia emerged several eons ago and was given to the pantheon to do as they pleased. The races of the world soon emerged as the gods had already imbued races on other worlds but most believed that Valcia would have richer environments and a broader spread than most other worlds and they made it so.

Kingdoms rose and fell for the next few millennia until finally, most had unified more thoroughly and the kingdoms that now remain have remained in power for many centuries. The youngest kingdom is the Freeland of Amerys. The powerful mage, Amerys, sought to stop the powerful lich that ruled the kingdom before from conquering the world of Valcia. He was successful in his endeavour, however, in gaining control and bringing peace to the world, the Freeland of Amerys was sizably reduced with parts of the previous empire no longer under the control of any kingdom.

The world now sits in relative peace with no major wars or battles and it has become quite prosperous to live on Valcia. This, however, does not stop ambitious nobles from trying…


Free Kingdoms